Welcome to LU

The LU Resource Hub was developed to support the work of LU’s volunteer tutors. For more information about Literacy Unlimited, who we are and what we do, visit our website at www.literacyunlimited.ca.

Planning your next tutoring session? Not sure where to start?

The LU resource hub is here to help you.

In the resource hub, you will find:

Tutor guides, with tips on

  • tutoring adult literacy learners
  • teaching basic digital literacy
  • tutoring remotely
  • policies and procedures for tutors and learners during Covid-19

Resources, to use in tutoring sessions to help learners

  • improve their language skills
  • work towards achieving their goals
  • develop their essential skills

Latest News from LU

  • new books in the library
  • events at LU
  • other resources to try

LU Calendar

  • workshops and meetings for tutors
  • events at LU
  • tutoring spaces availability

More support

  • getting extra support from LU staff – office hours and contacts
  • networking with other tutors
  • links to community partners

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