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Planning your next tutoring session? Not sure where to start?

The LU resource hub is here to help you.

In the resource hub, you will find:

Tutor guides, with tips on

  • tutoring adult literacy learners
  • teaching basic digital literacy
  • tutoring remotely
  • policies and procedures for tutors and learners during Covid-19

Resources, to use in tutoring sessions to help learners

  • improve their language skills
  • work towards achieving their goals
  • develop their essential skills

Latest News from LU

  • new books in the library
  • events at LU
  • other resources to try

LU Calendar

  • workshops and meetings for tutors
  • events at LU
  • tutoring spaces availability

More support

  • getting extra support from LU staff – office hours and contacts
  • networking with other tutors
  • links to community partners