All Things Multisensory

Welcome to the All Things Multisensory Series

In this course, you will explore multisensory learning.

Module 1: Introduction to Multisensory Learning

Find out what we mean by multisensory learning. Learn why a multisensory approach is critical to effective learning, particularly for learners with learning difficulties. Explore some activities that you can use in a tutoring session and learn how different activities activate different parts of the learner’s brain – auditory, visual, kinesthetic, smell and taste.

Module 2: Multisensory Approaches Online

Think about how you can incorporate a range of activities in an online session. Understand that a more multisensory approach that activates auditory, visual, kinesthetic and even smell and taste receptors, lead to better learning. Reflect on your current practice as a tutor. Discover new ways to improve your tutoring sessions.

Module 3: Top Tools for Multisensory Approaches Online

Learn about some low cost, high reward tools you can use in your online sessions to maximize your multisensory quotient. Learn some great activities that you can do using a whiteboard, highlighter pens, sticky notes, index cards, letter tiles and scissors. Think about how you could use these activities as warm-ups, in the main lesson, to reinforce new concepts or to just have fun at the end of a session.

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