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Adult Education Centre Updates

Here are the registration dates and relevant information for the adult education centres: Place Cartier – Spring courses start May 5th – Register NOW Space is limited and many course are already full Click here to find out more about registering at Place Cartier 2021 To apply online and set up an appointment with an advisor open this link to the LBPSB Online Registrations Forms These links will take you to the Place Cartier website and a summary of programs offered: Exclusive Student Services at Place Cartier CEGEP and University Readiness Career Program Readiness High School Diploma Special Needs Programs …

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Writing Sentences – Grammar and Punctuation

For many adult literacy learners, grammar and punctuation are the stumbling blocks in writing texts of any length. But what are some effective strategies for helping a learner write complete sentences? And how can you help an adult learner have fun with punctuation? What resources can you find to practice writing verbs in the right tense? Introducing Grammar Some great strategies to use in your tutoring sessions include: Use a model text and a highlighter pen – with your learner, highlight the different sentence in differerent colours. Compare the sentences and look for patterns. Sentence jumbles – cut up sentences …

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Covid-19 Information and Resources

Here are just some links you will find useful as we face this pandemic together. CIUSSS tool – mental health and the pandemic (PDF) Literacy Quebec Covid-19 Vaccination Helpline Literacy Quebec Helpline – helping English speaking Quebecers who need information and support How to get an appointment for a Covid-19 vaccination in Quebec Information and advice on the Covid-19 situation from Public Health Canada Information on prevention and risks from Public Health Canada Local information and advice from the Quebec Government Self Care Guide PDF from the Quebec Government Information on economic support to individuals impacted by Covid-19 Applying for …

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International Women’s Day

March 8th is International Women’s Day In Canada, this year’s theme is Choose to Challenge. The International’s women’s day page is a great place to start a session. Here you can find out more about the theme and what it means. You will also be encouraged to strike a pose – and accept the challenge. Here’s a video you’ll find on the webpage. An energizing way to begin thinking about the topic and start a discussion with an adult learner. Why not follow up this video with a reading activity! News for You has an interesting article about how children …

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