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The Olympic Games, 2020 This July after being delayed for one year, the 2020 Olympic Games is taking place in Tokyo, Japan. The Olympics page is a great place to start a session. Here you can read more about the games and the athletes taking part. Find out all about the Canada Olympic Team Roster on the Official Team Canada website. Why not watch this video ‘Glory From Anywhere’ as part of your tutoring session. Talk about the vocabulary in the video. Follow up this video with a reading activity! News for You has an interesting article about the impact …

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My Reading Words

My Reading Words My Reading Words is a great App for a learner to practice sight words. The App contains a larger set of the common sight words (Dolch and Fry sight words). You can also custom build your own list of words tailored to your learner’s needs. Only available for Android devices. Download My Reading Words in the Google Play Store. Free and can by used offline.

Hand Writing App

Best Kids Handwriting App This App lets you practice writing on a screen. Using the touch screen users can write on the screen using a finger or a stylus pen. Writing can be erased with a single button. Pen size can be changed to suite your device and learner. Words or sentences can be typed in to the App. The App then produces guidelines for the letters. Although marketed to kids in it’s title, the App is simple and is suitable for adult learners. Does not contain child-orientated music or graphics. Download BestKids Handwriting App from Google Play

LU Word Puzzles For Special Occasions

LU Word Puzzles for Special Occasions From time to time, LU creates wordsearches, crosswords and other word puzzles on special themes, e.g., Halloween, Winter Holidays, Thanksgiving. You can download these PDF puzzles below: Thanksgiving Wordsearch – What did the Turkey say? Halloween Wordsearch – What Scares You? Spooky Season Crossword Puzzle Winter Word Jumble Black History Month Wordsearch Remembrance Day Wordsearch Joy Day Wordsearch

Celebrate Joy

CELEBRATE JOY is a new holiday created by LU’s own executive director, Lucy Baum. Lucy reminds us how important it is that we take the time to find joy in what truly matters to us: our family and friends! On JUNE 27 this year and every year, we ask that you help us celebrate joy by laughing and loving (and remembering). Here are some activities you can do with a learner. For beginning readers Here’s a short story that reminds us that sometimes a kite is all you need on a windy day! You can also download the story as …

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Simple Daily Puzzles

Simple Daily Puzzles Simple Daily Puzzles is a website where you can do lots of different word puzzles, suduko and even solve chess problems. It is a good site to go to if you and your learner enjoy crosswords. Crosswords are available at different levels and there are ‘hint’ and ‘check’ options available. However, a word of caution, there are lots of Ads. If you find this annoying or distracting, it might not be the site for you.

Adult Education Centre Updates

Here are the registration dates and relevant information for the adult education centres: Place Cartier – Spring courses start May 5th – Register NOW Space is limited and many course are already full Click here to find out more about registering at Place Cartier 2021 To apply online and set up an appointment with an advisor open this link to the LBPSB Online Registrations Forms These links will take you to the Place Cartier website and a summary of programs offered: Exclusive Student Services at Place Cartier CEGEP and University Readiness Career Program Readiness High School Diploma Special Needs Programs …

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Quill – Featured Activities

Quill – Featured Activities Quill is a website for teachers and students. Their activities help students develop their sentence construction and grammar skills and are designed as supplemental writing exercises that students complete over short, 10 to 15 minute sessions at the beginning or end of a class period. To access all the materials, you need to sign in. But featured articles (in the dropdown menu under Explore Curriculum) are available without signing in. Search for activities suitable for starter, intermediate, advanced or ELL.

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