February is Black History Month.

The theme this year is:

February and Forever: Celebrating Black History Today and Every Day

Click here to check out the Government of Canada’s website.

You will find lots of short biographies of the many Black figures in Canadian history. A great reading exercise to do in a session.

Or try this interactive CBC site: Black Canadians in History. Then test your knowledge in our Black History Wordsearch

Who’s Who in Canada Now and Then

For more to read in a tutoring session, CBC are spotlighting members of the black community.

Go to the Being Black in Canada series on CBC this month and find lots of inspiring stories to choose from.

Why not find out more about Cynthia Appiah, Willie O’Ree or Greg Fergus?

Canada's Cynthia Appiah driven to prove Black athletes can be 'great  pilots' | CBC Sports

Cynthia Appiah

Bobsleigh, Team Canada

Find out more about Cynthia on the CBC News website here.

Willie O’Ree

Hocky Hall of Fame

You can read about NHL’s first Black hockey player and recent addition to the Hockey Hall of Fame, on his own website – Willie O’Ree’s website. If you get a chance, watch Willie, the 2019 documentary movie or read his book.

He is an inspiring person who just keeps giving.

Greg Fergus

Member of Parliament

On February 2, Grey Fergus gave an impassioned speech in Parliament at the start of Black History Month.

It reminds us about the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement and about the experience of being Black in Canada.

Watch this thought provoking speech on CTV News. Then talk about it in your session.

Community Events and News

Image result for mois l'histoire des noirs

For events in Montreal to celebrate Black History Month, check out the Mois l’Histoire des Noirs (MHN) website. MHN has lots to offer.

Image result for wibca

The West Island Black Community Association provides a great service in the West Island. Find out more about the great work that this organization does and how they are celebrating Black History Month in the West Island on their Facebook page.

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