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Building Vocabulary and Spelling Skills

For many adult literacy learners, building a bank of vocabulary is necessary before they embark on a writing activity. But what are some effective strategies for building vocabulary? And how can you help an adult learner develop the spelling skills they need? Building vocabulary Some great strategies to use in your tutoring sessions include: draw mind maps – use mind maps to generate and expand vocabulary on different topics read model texts – read a text on the topic your learner wants to write about. Ask them to highlight the vocabulary they would like to use in their writing. Talk …

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Pre-writing Activities

It is always a good idea to begin a writing activity by introducing the activity and reflecting on the topic you will write about. Here are some activities to do with your learner before they start writing a text. Talk about the writing process Talk about how they feel about writing Read and analyze a model text – you can find some on the Reading Resources page Watch a video on the topic and talk about it Talk about a picture on the topic – a writing prompt is a great way to start Brainstorm some ideas – if you’re …

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Why Do We Hate Writing?

Many people are afraid of writing. But why are we afraid? What is it about writing that bothers us? Writing is DIFFICULT! We often have to write about something we are not very interested in – writing can be boring! Writing requires a lot of skills. We have to be able to spell, use grammar, use punctuation, and structure our text in sentences and paragraphs. Phew! Writing takes time and a lot of thinking. The written word is often permanent. It can be shared and read by other people. Writing has many forms – we can be tasked with creative …

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The Writing Process

Many people are afraid of writing. But why are we afraid? What is it about writing that bothers us? Sometimes, when we need to write, it seems overwhelming. We are not sure where to start, how to start, what to include or where to stop. Following a a step-by-step writing process can help make a seemingly huge task into something more manageable. At LU, tutors guide adult learners through a step-by-step writing process: They talk with the adult learner to find out a little more about their skills, interests, and fears around writing They take time to do some pre-writing …

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