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4. Getting To Know Myself

Getting to know myself Before you start goal setting, it is useful to explore where you are now, what you have achieved, what you value, and what your dreams are. You can think about who you are, your personality, experience, skills, and interests. After getting to know yourself a little more, it may then be possible to talk about dreams and start to think about goals. The “A Dream That Walks” resource by Anne Moore contains a lot of activities that you can work through with a learner. Each activity is designed to be used with adults with lower literacy […]

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5. Exploring Goals With a Learner

Exploring goals with a learner Now they know a little more about their personality, values, skills and interests and they have talked a little about their dreams for the future, it may be possible to better describe a goal that they would like to work towards. There are different kinds of goals. It may be useful to think first about the different kinds. Some might be goals of independence or more personal. Others may be linked to learning and education. Or a learner might have a work-related goal. You could structure a series of tutoring sessions around topics related to

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3. Approaches to goal setting

Approaches to goal setting All learners are unique. Meet Dan, Shirley, Fatima, Cyril, Mohamed, and Leah. Setting goals with my learner Depending on the learner, you might approach goal setting in different ways: If your learner has a goal that is clear and well defined, then your role as a tutor is more to understand what challenges they face reaching the goal, what steps they can take, and how your literacy session can support them. It might be helpful to work on an Action Plan with your learner and identify literacy goals that they need to work towards. You can

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2. Why Set Goals?

Why Set Goals? For many adults, the demands of life can often come between them and their goals. Finding time to even think about our future and set goals, is for many a difficult thing to do. So why make time to set goals? Think about a goal you set recently. Why did you set this goal? Think about your learner. Do you know if they have any goals? If they have a goal, why did they set this goal? If not, what do you think is holding them back? Sometimes it is difficult to know where to start. Everyone

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1. What Are Goals?

What are Goals For many people, setting goals can be a daunting task. Understanding what goals are and how they can help us move forward towards our dreams, can help start the process off. So what are goals? Watch this video. Make a list of the kinds of goals you hear. Are they goals or dreams? What do you think is the difference? So what is a goal? How can we describe our goals? Have you set a goal recently? What did your goal look like? One of the children thinks that a person with no goals will just end

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