O-Net Resource Centre

O-Net Resource Centre The O*NET Interest Profiler (IP) is a set of self-assessment career exploration tools that can help learners discover the type of work activities and occupations that they would like and find exciting. Use the tools to identify and learn about interest areas most relevant to your learner. Then use their interest results to explore the world of work.

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Graphogame This App uses game-play to encourage learners to practice connecting spoken sounds with letters and words. Each lesson is easy to understand, interactive, and quick. This phonics-based App is a fun and effective way for beginning readers to learn how to read. Players earn rewards with every correct answer and learning sequence completed. After 15 minutes of play, they can use rewards to customize their avatar! Visit the Apple, Google Play, or Microsoft stores to purchase the App for CAD$3.49 Microsoft

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Fry’s Sight Words Checklist

Fry’s Sight Words Checklist Have you ever wanted to review a list of Edward Fry’s top 1000 most common sight words in English with a learner? Here is a simple list of Fry’s 1000 sight words. The list is broken into sets of 10 words that a learner can use to practice reading and recognising sight words. Tutors and learners can use the list to monitor progress. ©2005 M. Myriam Capella – Based on Edward Fry’s 1000 Most Common Words for Reading and Writing You can download and print the checklist by clicking here: Fry’s Sight Words Checklist

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IXL Learning

IXL Learning From phonics and reading comprehension to writing strategies and more, the IXL Learning website has a huge range of resources that help learners develop the communication skills they need. The site has dedicated sections for English, Math and Science. In the English area, activities for skill development are organized by school grades (K through Grade 12). This is a great resource area for beginning readers who want to follow a systematic approach to phonics. Learners can interact with the website to practice new sounds and develop phonemic awareness. More advanced readers and writers will find many activities to

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Connected Canadians Training and Support

Connected Canadians Training and Support Connected Canadians is a nonprofit organization that promotes digital literacy skills for older adults by providing free technology training and support. Seniors (55+) can request tutors to provide training and support online. One-on-ones are normally about 60 mins in length. Examples of topics covered include: To find out more, visit their website at:

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Educoloi: Renting

Educoloi: Renting Educoloi explains the law to the population of Quebec in everyday language. On the Renting webpage, they provide information about all aspects of renting The information is written in simple, plain language. Go to their website to explore lots of short videos and tips.

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Connections: Getting Set Up

Connections – Housing This Website is created by a Connections from the Native Counselling Services of Alberta. While the website has lots of information specifically relevant to the Alberta context, many of the resources are great if you want to explore the ins and ours of rental housing – particularly from the perspective of someone moving into their own place for the first time. Go to their website to explore lots of short videos and tips.

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Bank of Canada Museum – Counting Money

Bank of Canada Museum – Counting Money Introduce your learner to counting money and forming change combinations. Use these four sets of money math activities individually or in the order listed in this lesson. Please note, some activities are designed for children and note of these should be made when working with your learner. Combine these activities with a set of play notes and coins from the LU resource library for a hands-on session. Click on this link to open the Bank of Canada Museum Counting Money Worksheets.

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