Graphogame This App uses game-play to encourage learners to practice connecting spoken sounds with letters and words. Each lesson is easy to understand, interactive, and quick. This phonics-based App is a fun and effective way for beginning readers to learn how to read. Players earn rewards with every correct answer and learning sequence completed. After 15 minutes of play, they can use rewards to customize their avatar! Visit the Apple, Google Play, or Microsoft stores to purchase the App for CAD$3.49 Microsoft

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Fry’s Sight Words Checklist

Fry’s Sight Words Checklist Have you ever wanted to review a list of Edward Fry’s top 1000 most common sight words in English with a learner? Here is a simple list of Fry’s 1000 sight words. The list is broken into sets of 10 words that a learner can use to practice reading and recognising sight words. Tutors and learners can use the list to monitor progress. ©2005 M. Myriam Capella – Based on Edward Fry’s 1000 Most Common Words for Reading and Writing You can download and print the checklist by clicking here: Fry’s Sight Words Checklist

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IXL Learning

IXL Learning From phonics and reading comprehension to writing strategies and more, the IXL Learning website has a huge range of resources that help learners develop the communication skills they need. The site has dedicated sections for English, Math and Science. In the English area, activities for skill development are organized by school grades (K through Grade 12). This is a great resource area for beginning readers who want to follow a systematic approach to phonics. Learners can interact with the website to practice new sounds and develop phonemic awareness. More advanced readers and writers will find many activities to

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Our News November 2023

Our News November 2023 Every year LU staff, tutors and learners contribute to our in-house publication, Our News. This year we asked everyone “How do you keep cool during a heat wave?” Here’s what they said! How do you keep cool during a heat wave? “I am not a big swimmer, but I spent time in the pool to cool off!” ~ SM “I will hydrate a lot, stay inside with A/C, and take cold showers. We will also go to water parks to keep cool” ~ TJ “I cope in a heat wave by having a bottle of water

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Crossword: Learn English Words

Crosswords Here are two Apps for Androids that feature crossword puzzles. Each can be used to improve your English vocabulary and learn a new language words easily. They both feature free crosswords that you can do offline without an internet connection. Both are available on Google Play. TOP FEATURES:– Unlimited hints– Easy levels for everyone– Fun and educational– Reveal letter hint– Reveal word hint– The size of the grid adjusts to your device Crossword – Learn English Words: English Crossword Puzzles:

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Sentence Master

Sentence Master Sentence Master is a fun and educational game for all levels. Users practice English grammar by ordering the words to form correct sentences and sayings. Players are presented with a set of words, they must tap the words to complete a sentence. Players are timed to see how long it takes to make a full phrase. Each phrase is given a rating, with 3 stars denoting good work and 1 star denoting poor work. The number of mistakes is also recorded. Learners play the game in single-player or multiplayer mode. There are 5 levels to choose from: beginner,

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Citizen Literacy

Citizen Literacy Citizen Literacy Learner web app is free to use and requires no registration from users. It features a voice driven interface suitable for low literacy learners with two virtual teachers that provide instruction and instant personalized feedback. With interactive learning and gameplay, by the end of lesson 2, learners are beginning to read and write simple sentences. For tutors who are new to the use of phonics methods then working their way through the app also serves as a practical phonics training resource. For more information please visit the Supporting Tutors page. Literacy Unlimited has accompanying learner workbooks

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All Things Topics

All Things Topics All Things Topics is part of the All Things site series. The site is full of English language learning resources that cover a variety of topics. The activities are grouped according to different topics (e.g., beach, cats, colours, weather). Each activity can take the form of Audio Files, Videos, Interactive Quizzes & Printable Worksheets and can be used in tutoring sessions or between sessions with learners at different levels. Subjects include: spelling, vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing. Please note that there are a few adverts on the site that can be distracting to some users.

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