Reading Comprehension


EnglishLinx is a free resource. The site is full of worksheets that cover a a variety of topics. The worksheets may be used in tutoring sessions or between sessions and address a variety of grade levels. Subjects include: spelling, vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing. Please note that there are a few adverts on the site that can be distracting to some users.

British Council Learn English

British Council Learn English This site is full of clear and simple explanations and exercises where a learner can practice their literacy skills and increase their understanding of English. Exercises are divided into different levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced. The site provides great resources to use in a tutoring session ~ reading, writing, speaking and listening and covers grammar, vocabulary and basic writing skills.


ReadWorks ReadWorks is a nonprofit organization with the mission to support the growth of successful, joyful readers. By creating a free educator’s account on this site, you will have access to a library of curated nonfiction and fiction passages, along with reading comprehension and vocabulary supports, text-dependent question sets, teacher guidance, and more! Learners create an account and join the tutors ‘class’. You can assign a learner a reading passage and comprehension questions. Learners can build their own library of reading materials. ReadWorks resources for the teaching and learning of reading comprehension are always fully free for use by both educator and learner. …

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The West Coast Reader

The West Coast Reader Monthly newspaper (similar to ‘Your News’) in PDF format with news stories adapted for people who want to improve their English language skills. Newspaper content is presented in 3 different levels with accompanying photographs and downloadable teacher’s notes. There is also a library with articles at three reading levels. Most articles have quizzes and audio readings at a slower pace and a natural pace. Each article has a downloadable PDF version and downloadable PDF exercises. For some of their best articles, also check out Best of the West Coast Reader.

Unite For Literacy

Unite for Literacy Online Books Unite for Literacy develop online picture books to encourage literacy. The site may have been developed for a young audience, however, many of the books are suitable for and interesting to learners of all ages. Each book contains vivid colour pictures and short text. There is also an audio for each book. At the end of each book is a suggested activity or question. Info Sheet Available

Dartmouth Learning Network – Moving On Up

Dartmouth Learning Network – Moving On Up A course consisting of 4 modules (Geography, Government, History and Lifestyle) that cover basic communications topics like reading comprehension, grammar and vocabulary. Lessons in each module contain stories written by adult learners in Nova Scotia. Learners navigate through the modules via a series of slides that have interactive capabilities. Learners can click on tabs, drag and drop words, click boxes in quizzes and type into boxes.


LiteracyWorks – Multiple Intelligences Assessment This assessment consists of 56 questions that help your learner determine which intelligences are strongest for them. When they complete the assessment, they get descriptions of their top 3 intelligences and scores for the others. At the bottom of the results page, there is a “Practice” link that suggests tutoring strategies to engage each of the multiple intelligences. Info Sheet Available

Listen and Learn English 3

Listen and Learn English 3 – Adult Phonics Course via Video This video-based Basic English Course is geared for ELL adult learners but is appropriate for beginner English-speaking literacy learners who are focused on reading comprehension and writing. There are 70 bite-sized lessons and practice tests around 10-12 minutes in length that cover new vocabulary, speaking, listening, reading comprehension and writing. Info Sheet Available

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