My Reading Words

My Reading Words My Reading Words is a great App for a learner to practice sight words. The App contains a larger set of the common sight words (Dolch and Fry sight words). You can also custom build your own list of words tailored to your learner’s needs. Only available for Android devices. Download My Reading Words in the Google Play Store. Free and can by used offline.

Hand Writing App

Best Kids Handwriting App This App lets you practice writing on a screen. Using the touch screen users can write on the screen using a finger or a stylus pen. Writing can be erased with a single button. Pen size can be changed to suite your device and learner. Words or sentences can be typed in to the App. The App then produces guidelines for the letters. Although marketed to kids in it’s title, the App is simple and is suitable for adult learners. Does not contain child-orientated music or graphics. Download BestKids Handwriting App from Google Play

Quill – Featured Activities

Quill – Featured Activities Quill is a website for teachers and students. Their activities help students develop their sentence construction and grammar skills and are designed as supplemental writing exercises that students complete over short, 10 to 15 minute sessions at the beginning or end of a class period. To access all the materials, you need to sign in. But featured articles (in the dropdown menu under Explore Curriculum) are available without signing in. Search for activities suitable for starter, intermediate, advanced or ELL. https://quill.org


Learnhip – Tips and Resources, Puzzles and Games Learnhip is a great website where you can find all sorts of resources and tips for your tutoring session. It has interactive games, puzzles, activities and exercises aimed at learning and teaching English and other subjects online. Contains some great ideas for screen sharing activities in remote tutoring. http://learnhip.com

Taking on the writing challenge

If you are working with a learner on their writing skills, this post provides some tips and resources to help you guide your learner through the writing process. This introductory presentation was made during a Let’s Zoom Tutors and Tea mini-training for LU tutors. In the presentation, we think about the writing task. We look at the various skills that we need to be good writers. We think about the first steps for a tutor working with an adult learner as they seek to improve their writing skills. The presentation highlights how important it is to break down the writing …

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Make Beliefs Comix

Make Beliefs Comix – Something to Write About Interactive PDF e-book of 65 writing prompts and cartoons developed specifically for ELL and literacy learners. Learners can download the PDF and type their stories right into the document offline or while sharing their screen with their tutor. https://www.makebeliefscomix.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Something-To-Write-About.pdf Info Sheet Available Make Beliefs Comix – Fill ins Interactive PDF e-book of 76 comics with blank speech bubbles for your learner to fill in. Each comic has a basic prompt or hint to get you started. Learners can download the PDF and type their captions right in the document offline or while …

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Listen and Learn English 1

Listen and Learn English 1 – Adults Phonics Course via Video This video Adult Phonics Course is geared for ELL learners but is appropriate for beginner English-speaking literacy learners who are learning the basics of phonics. The videos cover the alphabet, short and long vowel sounds, consonant pairs and vowel pairs. There are 70 separate lessons which last 10 minutes on average. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLp5zSGEKWyU6FrxaRZkxieeP7dk4Hu6H6 Info Sheet Available


Spellboard SpellBoard allows you to create any spelling quiz in any language. Including Word Search, Word Scramble, Alphabetize, Word/Sentence Matching, and Missing Letter puzzles. Using this App, learners can practice spelling different words. Spelling lists can be custom made or are available in different themes (e.g. fruit, furniture). Only available for Apple devices. Download Spellboard from the Apple Store. Costs $4.99

World Food Program Quiz

World Food Program Free Rice Quiz – Grammar The UN World Food Program (WFP) have created lots of quizzes in a game called Freerice. As you answer questions correctly, ads appear on your screen. When you see one of these ads, you trigger a cash payment to WFP that is equivalent to the cost of 5 grains of rice and this is used to save and change lives. The Freerice grammar quiz is a multiple-choice quiz with two options to choose from. You can set the difficulty level for the quiz in a drop-down menu on the top left of …

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