Beginning Writing Skills

Hand Writing App

Best Kids Handwriting App This App lets you practice writing on a screen. Using the touch screen users can write on the screen using a finger or a stylus pen. Writing can be erased with a single button. Pen size can be changed to suite your device and learner. Words or sentences can be typed in to the App. The App then produces guidelines for the letters. Although marketed to kids in it’s title, the App is simple and is suitable for adult learners. Does not contain child-orientated music or graphics. Download BestKids Handwriting App from Google Play

Sand Draw

Sand Draw Sand draw is a fun app which lets you draw free on realistic sand. Using the touch screen users can write or draw in the sand. Just shake the device, and let the waves wipe out the sand. Sand Draw can be used to send a message, play Tic-Tac-Toe, practice letter making or spelling or just draw whatever comes up on your mind. There are occasional tasks that the user is asked to draw. Download Sand Draw from Google Play Download Sand Draw from the App Store

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