Writing Prompts and Excercises


Learnhip – Tips and Resources, Puzzles and Games Learnhip is a great website where you can find all sorts of resources and tips for your tutoring session. It has interactive games, puzzles, activities and exercises aimed at learning and teaching English and other subjects online. Contains some great ideas for screen sharing activities in remote tutoring. http://learnhip.com

Make Beliefs Comix

Make Beliefs Comix – Something to Write About Interactive PDF e-book of 65 writing prompts and cartoons developed specifically for ELL and literacy learners. Learners can download the PDF and type their stories right into the document offline or while sharing their screen with their tutor. https://www.makebeliefscomix.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Something-To-Write-About.pdf Info Sheet Available Make Beliefs Comix – Fill ins Interactive PDF e-book of 76 comics with blank speech bubbles for your learner to fill in. Each comic has a basic prompt or hint to get you started. Learners can download the PDF and type their captions right in the document offline or while …

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Teach Starter

Teach Starter – Visual Writing Prompts 4W + 1H Slideshow of colour photos that each have a downloadable PDF writing activities sheet that includes the photo, writing prompts and questions about who, what, why, where and how (4W+1H) https://www.teachstarter.com/gb/widget/visual-writing-prompts-gb/ Info Sheet Available

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