Learning To Drive

SAAQ Knowledge Test 2020

SAAQ Knowledge Test 2020 The App gives a practice test that contains 64 multiple-choice questions randomly chosen from a database of 384 questions. Use the App to practice questions and help you to pass the SAAQ Knowledge Test Easily. Here’s a link to this App on Google Play Store

SAAQ – Self Study Online Driving Course

SAAQ – Self Study Online Driving Course This online course is divided into 12 modules, all of which include a classroom learning section and a self-study section, composed of readings and exercises, to be completed at home. There are instructions for self-study in each of the modules. These will help your learner to pass the knowledge part of the driving exam. https://saaq.gouv.qc.ca/en/driving-course/?ADMCMD_prev=IGNORE Info Sheet Available

Learn Quebec – Getting my Driver’s License

Learn Quebec – Skills for Life – Getting my Driver’s License Part of the QLWG Skills for Life Series, this module helps learners makes sense of the documentation needed to get a driver’s licence and to navigate the SAAQ Driver’s Handbook. The module has a PDF workbook and e-learning video-support segments (requiring flash plug-in) with video and narration. https://app.learnquebec.ca/learnapps/skills_for_life/unit26.html Info Sheet Available

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