Digital Literacy

Sync Sisters YouTube Tutorials

Sync Sisters YouTube Channel This YouTube channel hosts a large collection of tutorials focused on Apple devices (Mac, iPad, iPhone, iWatch) and popular applications (Google, email, messaging, photos, contacts). Tutorials, termed “Tech Bits”, are narrated by the sisters Barbara and Karen. Each tutorial gives demonstrations. The presentation is upbeat, conversational, clear, well-structured and moderately paced. Tutorials last, on average, 8 – 10 minutes with some stretching to 15 – 30 minutes. Each tutorial has been made in the last 2 – 5 years, so while most is relevant, some features of the technology may have changed. Our info sheet lists …

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LU Basic Digital Skills Self Assessment Checklist

LU Basic Digital Skills Self Assessment Checklist Before you start working on digital skills, it is always a good idea to list the skills you already have. Use this checklist to get a clear picture of the skills you already have. Use it to help you to identify and prioritize the skills you want to acquire or improve. Click HERE to access the LU Basic Digital Skills Self Assessment Checklist

ABC Life Literacy – Internet Matters Workbook

ABC Life Literacy – Internet Matters Workbook This downloadable workbook takes you and your learner through the basics of the internet. Each section outlines what your learner needs to know and do to use the internet. The 35-page workbook contains pictures and spaces for notes. To download a copy of the workbook, go to: Info Sheet Available

NorthStar – Basic Computer Course Online

NorthStar – Basic Computer Course Online NorthStar is part of Literacy Minnesota. They have developed an online basic computer skills course for adults with low literacy skills. In this free online course, participants learn about different devices. They learn their way around each device, basic mouse and keyboard navigation skills, and some of the settings and organization features on a device (e.g., files, screen brightness) The course features a set of interactive slides with an audio option. Participants can take a short assessment before and after. At the end of the course they can print off a record of their …

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LU Quick Sheets for Digital Literacy

LU Quick Sheets For Digital Literacy Getting started with a new device, platform or App can be challenging, particularly if you are helping someone else get started remotely. Here are some quick guides that you might find useful. LU quick sheet – Digital etiquette for online tutoring LU quick sheet – Joining a Zoom meeting LU quick sheet – Protecting your personal safety online LU quick sheet – Safety rules working online LU quick sheet – Selecting passwords LU quick sheet – Apple device mirror screening on Zoom

ABC Life Literacy – Youth Teaching Adults

ABC Life Literacy Canada – Youth Teaching Adults Lesson Plans ABC Life Literacy and Youth Teaching Adults have developed a series of lesson plans for tutors working with adult learners. The site contains downloadable PDF instructions on how to teach the basics when using various devices and applications. Developed as lesson plans, these guides can be used by a tutor to lead a session with their learner. Additional handouts are available for a learner to follow independently or as a quick guide to take away. Topics include Skype, Zoom, Google, Gmail, YouTube, Facetime, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Netflix, Spotify, WhatsApp, on …

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