Family Literacy


Flit Flit is an app created by the Centre for Family Literacy. It is full of activities and tips to help families develop literacy skills. Parents will find lots of things to do with their children ranging from reading, recipes, rhymes and games. Each activity is specifically designed to build strong reading, writing and literacy skills and have FUN doing it! It’s FREE from both the Apple and Play Store.

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Family Friendly Websites

Various family friendly websites If you are looking for online activities to do with your children – stories to read, writing ideas, games that encourage literacy and a love of reading, take a look at these websites: The British Council – Kids Learning English. Go to Sesame Street Online. Go to African Story Book. Go to The Centre for Family Literacy. Go to Quebec’s Open School. Go to Storyline Online YouTube channel. Go to

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ABC Life Literacy – Family Literacy First Workbooks

ABC Life Literacy Canada – Family Literacy First Workbooks ABC Life Literacy – Family Literacy First have developed stories, workbooks, and activities that learners can practice and then do with their children. Some stories might be appropriate for adult learners as well. Each story comes with a glossary of words and a variety of story-related, hands-on, creative activities. To download a copy of the workbook, go to: Info Sheet Available

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