Income and Tax

Alberta Family Literacy – Dollars and Sense

Alberta Family Literacy – Dollars & Sense Written in 2012, this manual consists of stand-alone modules broken down into topics. Topics have relevance to adults in daily life: math and money, understanding income, spending, saving, budgeting, banking, credit & debt. Each module has ideas for activities and worksheets for learners to complete. Info Sheet Available

ABC Life Literacy – Money Matters

ABC Life Literacy Money Matters – Financial Literacy Course Money Matters is a free, introductory financial literacy program designed for adult learners. Topics that your learners can explore include: Money Safety, e-banking, filing taxes, spending and budgeting, banking basics, borrowing money, RESPs and savings accounts, credit and debt, and family financial literacy. PDF workbooks are approximately 20 to 30 pages in length Each book can be viewed online. Info Sheet Available

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