West Island Food Literacy Toolbox

TQSOI Food Literacy Toolbox The Tableau Quartier Sud de l’Ouest de l’Ile (TQSOI) has created 5 tools to enable members of the community to better understand local resources, food insecurity issues and the structure of the food system in the West Island. The tool kit includes: a Food Resource Directory, Film ‘Hidden Hunger’, A Guide to Balanced Eating, Links to a Collection of Food Literacy Workshops, A Diagnostic of the West Island Food System.

Canada Food Guide

Canada Food Guide The Government of Canada’s online food guide. The website provides basic information about choosing a balanced diet. There are tips and guidance together with a collection of recipes based on the guides recommendations.

ABC Life Literacy – Health Matters Workbook

ABC Life Literacy – Health Matters Workbooks ABC Life Literacy Canada has many great resources for tutors and learners to learn about health. The Health Matters Workbooks can be used to help a learner better understand how to advocate for their and their family’s health. The content of each manual is highly interactive and encourages the learner to reflect on their experiences, think through problems, and communicate orally about health matters. Info Sheet Available

ABC Life Literacy – Health Literacy

ABC Life Literacy – Health Literacy ABC Life Literacy Canada has many great resources for tutors and learners to learn about health. Here are some links to information sheets ABC Life Literacy have developed for patients and caregivers. Resources for Patients & Caregivers:Make a Medical History CardHealth PassportCaring for a loved oneTips for your next Doctor VisitYou and Your PharmacistYour Rights as a PatientGlossary of Health WordsYour Health CentresDoing Health MathMyUHNHelpful Links

World Food Program Free Rice Quiz – Covid-19

World Food Program Free Rice Quiz – Covid 19 Tutors and learners can use this quiz as a prompt to talk about some of the health facts related to Covid-19. The quiz can also be used to introduce vocabulary that a learner might need. Designed as a simple multiple choice quiz, advertisers donate money to WFP every time a player answers correctly. Info Sheet Available

Plain Language Information Sheets about Covid-19

Plain Language Information Sheets about Covid-19 The information sheet links below use simple, plain language and illustrations to talk about Covid-19. They can be used during a session to read with your learner. Click on each link to open the resource. COVID-19 Information By and For People with Disabilities People First of Canada – Information about Covid-19 If I Become Sick with Coronavirus (Covid-19) – A Social Story How to Wash Your Hands

Local and Community Information on Covid-19

There are several websites that provide local information about the pandemic in Quebec. For people adversely affected by the disease, different government departments and local community groups are offering financial and social support and guidance. This is a list of links to those resources. Covid 19 – Links To Local and Community Information from Quebec

SkillsPass – Covid-19 Work Safe Course

SkillsPass – Covid 19 Work Safe Course This online course (developed by is provided to help workers and employers understand the basics of COVID-19 safety. It introduces important, practical precautions that can be taken to help reduce the spread of the virus.This course provides simple, practical instruction on how to reduce the risk of catching or spreading COVID-19 in the workplace. The course is presented in a series of animated slides. There is an audio and a transcript. To take the course, you must create an account and log-in.

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