Tutors And Tea Workshops

A Tour of Ultimate Phonics

In January’s Let’s Zoom Tutors N Tea, LU volunteer tutor, Michael, took us on a tour of the resource Ultimate Phonics. Ultimate Phonics is a phonics-based program for beginning and struggling readers. Here is a short presentation from this session: If you and your learner are interested in getting a license to download and use this software, contact Stephanie at LU for more information! More About Ultimate Phonics from Spencer Learning To find out more about Ultimate Phonics, visit the Spencer Learning website. Here you will find the downloadable documents Michael refers to in the video: Reading proficiency test Detailed …

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Taking on the writing challenge

Taking on the writing challenge If you are working with a learner on their writing skills, this post provides some tips and resources to help you guide your learner through the writing process. This introductory presentation was made during a Let’s Zoom Tutors and Tea mini-training for LU tutors. In the presentation, we think about the writing task. We look at the various skills that we need to be good writers. We think about the first steps for a tutor working with an adult learner as they seek to improve their writing skills. The presentation highlights how important it is …

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Setting Goals

Setting Goals Where am I now? What are my strengths? Where do I want to be moving forward? How can I get there? In this session, we will think about: What goals are? Why setting goals can be helpful to a learner and to a tutor How to help a learner reflect on their goals – tools and guides In the following session, we will develop these ideas further and think about: How to use a learners goal to suggest learning goals for your sessions Other ways you can support a learner achieve their goals – action plans, journals, check …

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TNT November 24th – Reading Online

November 24th – Reading Online with Your Learner A group of tutors joined me for Tutors and Tea on Zoom this week. During the session we shared ideas about reading with our learners online – the kinds of skills your learner may be working on, the activities you can choose from and the tools you can use to help your learner read online. If you missed the session but want to watch an edited/abridged version of this session, here it is: Download this PDF to view the slideshow only.

TNT October 28th – Zoom Whiteboard and Annotate Toolbar

October 28th – The Zoom Whiteboard and Annotate Toolbar A group of tutors joined me for Tutors and Tea on Zoom this week. Part of the session focused on the Zoom whiteboard and the annotate toolbar. If you missed the session but would like to get familiar with the whiteboard, here is an edited recording of a part of the session. I hope it’s helpful. For more information on the Annotate Toolbar in Zoom, go to this useful link in the Zoom Help area: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/115005706806-Using-annotation-tools-on-a-shared-screen-or-whiteboardLaptop/

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