Celebrate Joy

CELEBRATE JOY is a new holiday created by LU’s own executive director, Lucy Baum. Lucy reminds us how important it is that we take the time to find joy in what truly matters to us: our family and friends!

On JUNE 27 this year and every year, we ask that you help us celebrate joy by laughing and loving (and remembering).

Here are some activities you can do with a learner.

For beginning readers

Here’s a short story that reminds us that sometimes a kite is all you need on a windy day!

For word search junkies

We have put together a new wordsearch for you to celebrate JOY.

Find joy as you search for it! (PDF)

For tutors and more advanced readers

Read more about how the idea for a ‘celebrate joy’ day came about in Lucy’s article for West Island Mommies.

In a tutoring session, start by talking with your learner about Joy. Look at new vocabulary together. Take turns to read, or echo read. Find active reading activities to do as you read. And when you’ve finished, talk about what the article meant to each of you. You could also share photos of a joyful moment in each of your lives.

And in case all of that hasn’t brought a smile to your face

Here’s a joyful reading that will make any family storytime a happy time.

Kid Story Time with Iffy has lots of other books to listen to in their YouTube channel.

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