Choosing the Camera That Works Best for You and Your Learner

Module 4 in the All Things Document Cameras Series

In this module, you will have an opportunity to bring together all you have learned about document cameras, how to make your own, and when to use them in your session to maximize a multisensory approach to learning.

Time to complete: 20 minutes

Review Time

Think about all you have learned.

You have completed three modules all about document cameras. Feel free to go back to any of the modules to quickly recap what was covered. You may also have downloaded some useful guides on this topic. Review these guides, if you have time.

So, you’ve now got all the information you need to use a document camera in your sessions. And you have a lot of options! But there are a few questions that you still need to answer for yourself:

  • Who will use the document camera? Me or my learner or both of us?
  • If it’s best for my learner to use the camera, what skills will they need to set it up?
  • Do my learner and I have the right devices to even use a document camera?
  • And if we do, which model should we choose?

When you’re ready, move on to the next section where you will put all this information together and answer these questions!

Let’s Try Things Out

A practical exercise for you to try!

Getting You and Your Learner Comfortable Using a Document Camera

Download the worksheet Which Document Camera Should I Use?

This worksheet takes you through a series of questions to help:

  • Decide which document camera you and your learner will use.
  • Prepare for what you will need to have at hand to use to use the document camera
  • Understand what skills you need and what you and your learner need to know to set up and use the document camera


Here’s a quick summary of what you covered in this module.

In this module, you explored a process that will help you decide which document camera(s) you and/or your learner will use and what needs to be learned or obtained before you can use one. You have have come to some conclusions about which document cameras and set-ups would work best for you and your learner.

We hope you enjoyed the module and have learned a little more about how to use document cameras in your next tutoring session.

Tutor Challenge

Go to the next level!

  • Borrow a document camera from the LU library or set up a DIY document camera
  • ▪ Use it in a tutoring session!
  • ▪ Show your learner how to use one
  • ▪ Share your ideas in the next Tutors and Tea

Next Steps

Here are some ideas to go to the next level!

CONGRATULATION! Your have completed this course.

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