Community Resources

From time to time, you may need to look for support, guidance or services that are provided by a different community organization. Whether you are looking for information related to health, child care, mental health, finance, law, housing, food or activities that you can sign up for, there is lots on offer!

Community Support Resources

  • The Teapot
    The Teapot The Teapot is working to improve the lives of the 50+ community of Lachine and surrounding areas, by helping them maintain their lifestyles in their own homes for as long as possible. As we work closely with this organization, we will highlight some of their events on this page from time to time. …

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  • Volunteer West Island Events
    Volunteer West Island Events Volunteer West Island provides a unique mix of programs and services to people of all ages. As we work closely with this organization, we will highlight some of their events on this page from time to time. The following bilingual event will take place on Friday March 10, 2023. For more …

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  • Income Tax Assistance Service
    Income Tax Assistance Service Volunteer West Island (VWI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the needs of volunteers as well as the community organizations and groups that require volunteer help. They offer a volunteer-run income tax clinic for West Islanders who are eligible for FREE! Sign up soon – spaces are limited!
  • Educaloi
    Educaloi is a neutral and independent organization with expertise in legal education and clear legal communication. Educaloi provides information to help Quebecers better understand the law, their rights, and their responsibilities. They produce information brochures on many topics important to everyday life situations, including:
  • Community Resource Centre
    The West Island Community Resource Centre (CRC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving individual and collective well-being in the West Island. It provides an information and referral service for people living in the West Island. The CRC provides many services including: To find out more about the CRC, click on the links above or …

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Courses and Training

  • West Island Careers Centre
    The West Island Careers Centre is located in Pierrefonds. They offer a range of courses for adults, including: To find out more about their programs and the registration process click on the links above or go to the WICC website.
  • Place Cartier Adult Education Centre
    Place Cartier Adult Education is located on the West Island. These links will take you to the Place Cartier website and a summary of programs offered: To apply online and set up an appointment with an advisor open this link to the LBPSB Online Registrations Forms Click here to find out more about registering at …

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  • Service Canada
    Service Québec offers courses to employees who work in Montreal. The training costs 2$ per hour of class and there is a wide range to select from. Courses include: Although the website and many of the courses are in French, some of the courses are offered in English by Dawson College.  Go to the link below …

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Literacy Organizations

  • Literacy Quebec
    Literacy Quebec is an umbrella organization representing 13 community-based literacy organizations across Quebec.  Literacy Unlimited is part of this network.  Member organizations offer literacy services, from one-on-one tutoring to small group instruction and learning centers to English speaking individuals and families. For a full list of all the great member organizations, visit the Literacy Quebec website at: On the …

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Covid Resources

  • Covid-19 Information and Resources
    Here are just some links you will find useful as we face this pandemic together.
  • Local and Community Information on Covid-19
    There are several websites that provide local information about the pandemic in Quebec. For people adversely affected by the disease, different government departments and local community groups are offering financial and social support and guidance. This is a list of links to those resources. Covid 19 – Links To Local and Community Information from Quebec
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