Top Tips for Using Document Cameras in a Session

Module 3 in the All Things Document Cameras Series

The tips in this module will enhance what you’ve learned about working with document cameras so far. These tips provide a way to incorporate multisensory techniques in the teaching and learning environment during an online tutoring session.

For more about why the multisensory approach is recommended in a tutoring session, see our All Things Multisensory Series.

Time to complete: 25 minutes

Read, Listen, Watch

Watch the video to learn our five top tips for using a document camera to maximize your multisensory approach!

Document Cameras and a Multisensory Approach: Top Tips

In this video, we illustrate five practical and simple tips that you can use to enhance the learning experience in an online tutoring session using a document camera:

  1. Use a transparent overlay and dry erase pens
  2. Use a colourful underlay
  3. Capture screenshots
  4. Annotate screenshots
  5. Try back-and-forth activities online

To review the content of this video, you can download these useful Quicksheets:

Let’s Try Things Out

A practical exercise for you to try!

Take and Use Screenshots in Your Session

Download The Basics of Taking Screenshots Quicksheet.

  • Figure out how to take a screenshot on your device
  • Take some screenshots and save them on your device

Download the Annotating Screenshots in Zoom Quicksheet.

  • Start a Zoom session and practice opening and annotating your screenshots in a meeting
  • Sign into Zoom on a second device (simulating your learner). See how the annotation toolbar works from your learner’s perspective
  • Try the fun annotation practice activity in this Guide

Download the Back-and-Forth Activities Online Quicksheet.

  • Highlight some activities that you think would be appropriate for you and your learner.
  • Think about these questions:
    • How would you use these activities in your session?
    • How would you modify each activity so they work for you and your learner?

Quiz Time


Here’s a quick summary of what you covered in this module.

In this module you have learned more about how to use a document camera in a tutoring session. You have seen how to enhance your session in five simple ways using clear overlays, coloured underlays, screenshots, annotation and back-and-forth activities. Using document cameras, the Gallery View in Zoom and these top tips will enable you to make your sessions more interactive, multisensory, experiential, fun and effective.

We hope you enjoyed the module and have learned a little more about how to use document cameras in your next tutoring session.

Tutor Challenge

Go to the next level!

Plan a back-and-forth activity for your next session! 

Think of a back-and-forth activity you could do in your next tutoring session with your learner. Think about how this activity will engage your learner in a more multisensory experience.

If you get stuck, visit our Multisensory Module for more ideas and inspiration.

Try out this activity in your next tutoring session!

Next Steps

Here are some ideas about what to do next.


You have completed module 3 and are now ready to move on the final module in this course:

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