Document Cameras in a Multisensory Approach – Top Tips

Module 3 in the All Things Document Cameras Series

In this module, you will learn five of our top tips for using a document camera as a tool to maximize a multisensory approach in your tutoring sessions.

Time to complete: 25 minutes

Read, Listen, Watch

Watch the video to learn our five top tips for using a document camera to maximize your multisensory approach!

Document Cameras and a Multisensory Approach: Top Tips

Place saver video clip five useful tips and tricks to maximize your multisensory approach.

Download and review these two useful guides:

Place saver PDF downloads

  • Steps for taking a screen shot and ideas where this can be useful (PDF)
  • Steps for side-by-side gallery view in Zoom and ideas where this can by useful (PDF)

Let’s Try Things Out

A practical exercise for you to try!

Take and Use Screenshots in Your Session

  • Figure out how to take a screenshot on your device
  • Take some screenshots and save them on your device
  • Start a Zoom session and pratice opening and annotating your screenshots in a meeting
  • Sign into Zoom on a second device (simulating your learner). See how the annotation toolbar works from your learner’s perspective.

You can download a QuickStart Guide for each of the document cameras here:

  • IPEVO Mirror-Cam – place saver PDF
  • IPEVO Do-Cam – place saver PDF
  • IPEVO V4K PRO – place saver PDF

When you are ready, download and review this place saver PDF: Steps with screenshots, tips and guidance on troubleshooting.

Reflection Time

Think about what you’ve learned in this module.

Place Saver: Worksheet PDF

Reflect on how your learner will benefit from what you have learned in this module.

What are three things that will prove really useful to them?


Here’s a quick summary of what you covered in this module.

Place Saver: List of module objectives

We hope you enjoyed the module and have learned a little more about how to use document cameras in your next tutoring session.

Next Steps

Here are some ideas to go to the next level!

Challenge: Use a screenshot in your next session. Show your learner how to annotate the screenshot as part of your lesson plan. Share your ideas in the next Tutors and Tea!

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  • Module 3 – Document Cameras in a Multisensory Approach – Top Tips
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