January 27th is Family Literacy Day!

Family Literacy Day was introduced in 1999 by ABC Life Literacy Canada. This initiative highlights the benefits of family involvement in the literacy development of children. It encourages and celebrates the idea of adults and children learning together, while engaging in a variety of entertaining and educational activities every day.

Share Family Literacy Day with your learner and use it as a starting point to get them thinking about ways that they can make it a part of their everyday living. Explore new resources and encourage them to discuss these ideas with family and friends.

Learning in the Great Outdoors!

This year’s theme is Learning in the Great Outdoors! Going outside to do a physical activity provides benefits for both body and mind. Getting creative and spending family time enjoying the great outdoors is an ideal way to accomplish this while celebrating Family Literacy Day in Canada! 

Why not read this text with your learner. Talk about each idea. Tell each other what you do outdoors with the family during the cold winter months.

Here are some ideas for fun family activities!

  • Start by brainstorming as a family – get everybody’s input on activities that would be fun, make a list and post it somewhere visible.
  • Go for a walk as a family and take pictures – you can pick a theme like “street signs” or “nature”. When you get home, discuss the photos over some hot chocolate!
  • Challenge family and friends to a snowman building contest – and post pictures on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Use the snow as your canvas – with a few squirt bottles, water and food colouring you can paint pictures, practice writing words and play games like tic tac toe in your backyard!
  • Do art projects using the outdoors as your theme, for example make snowflakes to hang around the house.
  • For more fun activity ideas, follow the links below and get creative.

If you want a short writing activity. Go the LU Message Board. You and your learner can share your favourite outdoor activity on the Board. It’s easy. You can also read about what others have been up to.

Additional Resources:

If you and your learner would like to find more ideas on how to celebrate Family Literacy Day, why not visit ABC Life Literacy Canada

You can also Click here for Fun and free printable
activities for kids that you can look at with your learner.

For learners who like to read stories with their children or grandchildren, visit Storyline Online. You’ll find lots of great story books read by celebrities to enjoy.

Check out the Flit app with your learner. It is packed full of activities that parents and caregivers can do with their children. Find out more about this App in the LU resource section on Family Literacy.

Head over to our blog where we celebrate Family Literacy Day for more information on what it’s all about! Another great reading exercise to do during an online session with your learner.

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