November is Financial Literacy Month.

Take some time this month to think about your financial situation. If you know someone who is struggling to manage their budget, particularly if they have been adversely affected by the pandemic and resulting lock down, why not share some tips and tools with them?

There are lots of tips and tools online that will help you:

  • manage your money wisely
  • take control of your debt
  • save for the future
  • understand your financial rights and responsibilities

Four Great Financial Literacy Resources

1: Financial Literacy resources in the the LU resource hub:

2: ABC Life Literacy has lots of resources on Financial Literacy

  • Workshops and worksheets
  • Money Matters for Indigenous People
  • Money Matters for People with Diverse Abilities
  • Free Online Courses
  • Financial Literacy Tip Video

To read more, go to the ABC Life Literacy Financial Literacy Blog Post.

3: A Family Activity– The Economics of Suppertime

It’s never too early to talk to your children about financial literacy. Here’s a fun activity from the Bank of Canada Museum that you can do with your family:

To find out more and download the resources go to

Government of Canada – Financial Agency

The Canadian Foundation for Economic Education – Let’s Talk Money for Seniors

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