September 8th is International Literacy Day.

The theme this year is teaching and learning during the Covid-19 pandemic.

For many people with low literacy skills, Covid-19 has made life even more difficult. Low literacy skills limit someone’s access to critical health and prevention information. It makes access to support services, education, health care, as well as work and employment opportunities even more challenging.

This year, on September 8th, join us in thinking about how to better support those people with low literacy skills in our community.

Take time to talk to someone you know about Covid-19. Ask them how the pandemic has impacted their lives. Talk about what you both know about Covid-19. Ask each other questions about the health and prevention information you have read. Talk about the support you have received or have heard about.

For more information about Covid-19 in our region, please go to our list of community resources and information HERE.

For more information about International Literacy Day, 2020 visit:

World Literacy Foundation


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