March 8th is International Women’s Day

In Canada, this year’s theme is Choose to Challenge. The International’s women’s day page is a great place to start a session. Here you can find out more about the theme and what it means.

You will also be encouraged to strike a pose – and accept the challenge. Here’s a video you’ll find on the webpage. An energizing way to begin thinking about the topic and start a discussion with an adult learner.

Why not follow up this video with a reading activity! News for You has an interesting article about how children draw women scientists. Go to (for LU Tutors, ask at LU for a password to access this article).

After reading the article, there’s a fun True or False activity to test reading comprehension. And there’s a spelling challenge to help build and reinforce new vocabulary.

Or try this online activity on the theme of Women in Politics on the British Council website. Go to

For all those puzzlers out there, the LU blog this time isn’t featuring our usual Wordsearch. Instead, here’s a riddle to share and talk about on this theme of International Women’s Day! Have fun with this.

And if you want to read more related to this topic, check out the Canadian Women’s Organization webpage. They have lots of facts on gender equality in Canada that might spark some ideas for a writing activity.

If there’s an important woman in your life – someone to thank, someone who inspired you or someone who you think should be recognized, share a message on this topic with the LU community. Go to our new online message board and submit a message.

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