Let’s Zoom TNT – Part 1 – Writing Online

Note: You only need your main device for Part 1. But keep you phone connected with video and audio off.

Choose one person in your pair to take the role of the ‘tutor.’ The other person will be the ‘learner’. The ‘tutor’ will guide the ‘learner’ through three mini-activities. Spend about 15 minutes on Part 1.

Mini-activity 1: Fill-ins

The ‘tutor’ should open the fill-in comic book PDF and scroll to page 13, “What’s he wishing for?”.

Fill-in Comic book PDF

Screen Share this resource with your learner.

Ask your ‘learner’ to read the penguin’s speech bubble (or read it to them). Now ask them to suggest what should go in the empty speech bubble. Type it in for them.

Read out the first bubble. Now ask them to read their speech bubble out.

When you have finished, close the PDF and do mini-activity 2 below.

Mini-activity 2: Sentence building

The ‘tutor’ should open the the Learnhip sentence scramble web-page link.

Learnhip Sentence Scramble

Share the screen with the ‘learner’. The words are in the wrong order. Ask your ‘learner’ to unscramble the sentences. If the ‘learner’ is comfortable, ask them to use the annotate tool in Zoom to show you which words should move – and where.

If you feel like being more ambitious, the tutor can give the learner ‘remote control’ of their mouse. In you main Zoom toolbar, look for ‘remote control’. Click on this to reveal the drop-down menu. Allow your partner to have control of the mouse and keyboard. They can now drag and drop using the ‘tutors mouse’. The ‘tutor’ can stop control at any time by moving the cursor to the ‘remote control’ green mouse at the top of the page and clicking ‘stop control’

When you have done five sentences, end the activity and stop screen sharing.

Mini-activity 3: Chat written conversations

‘Tutor’ and ‘learner’ should open the chat dialogue boxes by clicking on ‘chat’ in the main Zoom menu.

Start a written conversation. A written conversation is when you write a question to your learner and they write an answer back. When you see your learners response, you write a response and ask another question. You can use your response to help your learner with vocabulary, or correct a mistake they made.

Here’s the first question to ask your learner to get things going:

What is your most favourite flavour of ice-cream?

When you have each written 4 entries – read the conversation back to each other.

If you have time, re-do mini-activities 1 and 2. This time the ‘learner’ will share their screen. The ‘tutor’ will guide the ‘learner’ through the two mini-activities again. How are the activities different? Is it more challenging?

When you are ready, click here to go on to Part 2!

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