Let’s Zoom TNT – April 19th – Writing Remotely

Please read the following introduction!

Writing” is the process of using symbols (letters of the alphabet, punctuation and spaces) to communicate thoughts and ideas in a readable form. (www.englishclub.com)

Creating ways for your learner to communicate their thoughts and ideas in a readable form is your challenge as a tutor-learner team – especially if you are working remotely!

In this tutors and tea, you will work in pairs. Activities are organized in two parts. You will need about 40 minutes to complete activities in parts 1 and 2- keep an eye on the time. Spend time on what you feel is most useful. Skip activities that you think are not as relevant to you or your partner. Help each other and share your knowledge as you go. Be creative about the ways each activity might be adapted with your learning situation.

As you work through these activities, think about these questions.

  • Who (or what) will be doing the physical act of writing?
  • Who will be generating the idea or thought for the writing activity?
  • Who is involved in reviewing and editing the writing – or who needs to see what is written?
  • What tools you will use to write with – a scribe, a keyboard, touchscreen or mouse or a pen or with letter tiles or clay?
  • Where you will write – on a screen, a web page, a workbook, paper, a whiteboard, sandbox, table top?

If you need any help during the activities, have questions or finish really early, invite Stephanie to your breakout room!

When you are ready, click here to start Activity 1

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