Literacy Works – Learner Web – Tutor Ready Reading and Writing

The Learner Web hosts resources, drawn from the research-based Teaching Adults to Read and Write online courses and workshops, that focus on topics relevant to adult literacy tutoring. They provide answers to some common questions volunteer tutors ask about how best to help their learners improve their skills in reading and writing. 

LiteracyWorks Learner Web Log-in Page

Embedded in each course, tutors will find the relevant video from the Partners in Reading collection of videos that demonstrate good practice in 1-on-1 literacy tutoring. In each short video (hosted on YouTube) a tutor works with a learner giving step by step guidance for a single tutoring/learning technique. See the Partners in Reading resource summary on this page or click this link to the Partners in Reading library of YouTube videos.

Click here for an Information Sheet for the Literacy Works Learner Web tutoring tips resource

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