How to have a healthy brain

As people age, the structure of the brain changes. This can affect memory and thinking abilities. We know it’s important to have a strong body. But it’s also important to keep the mind active.

What can you do to keep your brain strong?

  • take care of your body
  • eat healthy foods
  • stay connected with social activities
  • keep your mind active

Workshop on brain health

To live is to grow and to grow is to live. 

When we activate and strengthen our capacity for Intellectual Wellness, we can create, innovate, and grow in unimaginable ways! Intellectual Wellness can help keep our brains healthy and add to our wellbeing as we age. 

Train your brain and connect with others during the workshop!

Join Kirstin Bennett, ElderCARE planner and Aging Well Advocate

Join us

Thursday, March 23, 2023 from 1:30 am to 3:00pm

The Teapot, Lachine

How to register

Register with Suzanne at 514-694-0007 or or below.

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