More Support For LU Tutors

LU staff are here to support you as a tutor or learner. If you have a question or need advice on where to find a resource, let us know.

Networking with other tutors

To talk to other tutors, share resources and discuss tutoring topics, LU hosts regular meetings for tutors. Check out the Calendar to find out next Tutors and Tea event.

There is also a tutor forum through our membership with ProLiteracy. For more information and how to access the forum on ProLiteracy, please contact LU for guidance on accessing this resource.

Community Resources

There are many community groups providing services in the West Island. If you or your learner are looking for support or guidance for health, finance, legal, housing, food or other services there is lots of help out there.

Don’t forget to check out the Community Resources page on the Resource Hub!

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