Our News November 2023

Every year LU staff, tutors and learners contribute to our in-house publication, Our News. This year we asked everyone “How do you keep cool during a heat wave?”

Here’s what they said!

How do you keep cool during a heat wave?

“I am not a big swimmer, but I spent time in the pool to cool off!” ~ SM

“I will hydrate a lot, stay inside with A/C, and take cold showers. We will also go to water parks to keep cool” ~ TJ

“I cope in a heat wave by having a bottle of water and my fan. I have a hat on when I go outside.” ~ MP

“If I could I would go for a dip in a pool. Otherwise, I like to sit in the shade and drink iced tea.” ~SL

“I cope in a heat wave by going into the beer fridge at IGA or the cold section at Costco to help lower my body temperature.” ~ FR

“My favourite way to keep cool during a heat wave is to swim in a lake. Lakes are always refreshing and leave me feeling energized!” ~IF


“Air conditioning is very helpful. So is cool clothing and icy drinks.” ~NT  

“I like to sit by the lake in my bathing suit and enjoy a breeze if there is one. If the breeze is non existent, I simply jump in and out of the lake.” ~ DB  


“Using a fan is helpful in keeping cool. I open the window at night and close it in the morning.” ~ RA 

“I remind myself that winter is harsh and especially, LONG.”  ~IK


“I have a sports towel that stays damp. I put it around my neck and the dampness helps cool me down” ~ SG

“I stand in front of my air conditioner and enjoy the breeze. I also make iced mint tea with mint from my garden.” ~ SB

“I try and keep cool during a heat wave by drinking lots of fluids and going into the water if the opportunity presents itself.” ~MM

“I go inside and turn on the air conditioning.” ~HS

“I stay home and make falooda. I drink cold water and shower three times a day.” ~ RS

“I like to have a cool shower and go in the air conditioning to cool off my skin. I like a cool drink.” ~DH

ice tea

“I like to sit outside in the shade in my backyard or go sit on the lawn at Stewart Hall (preferably with a picnic lunch!)” ~MAM

“The way I stay cool during a heat wave is to always try and stay in the shade.” ~EC

“I like to go in the pool to cool off.” ~ LC

“I like to drink lemon water and I put on light colours. ~ JS

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