Our News October 2022

Every year LU staff, tutors and learners contribute to our in-house publication, Our News. This year we asked everyone “What is your favorite season and why?”

Here’s what they said!

What are our favorite seasons?

“My favorite season is fall as I enjoy the cool morning air and by the afternoon, the warm sun makes me just a little too hot in my sweater. I love the crunch of the leaves under my feet.” ~ SC

“I love summer because everything is green and temperatures are warm. I do yoga outside, swim often and go for walks every day.” ~ IF


“I love spring. Everything is new, and the old is being washed away. I especially love all the spring flowers.” ~ SG


“My favorite season is fall, because fall is the most beautiful season. In fall, I can go hiking with my friends to see the colorful maple leaves and take a lot of beautiful pictures. Also we can breathe the fresh air in the mountains. Fall makes me happy!” ~LH

mountain view

“My favourite season is summer. I like summer because it is hot for travelling. Driving is easy. My family goes to Toronto, the beach and many other places. We are happy. In summer time I make a garden with many vegetables and make a barbecue many times. That is why I like summer.” ~ SS

vegetable skewer

“My favorite season is summer. I love summer because I enjoy the heat and also wearing less clothes meaning no winter jacket.” ~TJ


“My favourite season is spring for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that it signals the end of the long, dark and cold winter. Secondly, all the plants, trees and shrubs that were dormant spring back to life. Is that why the season is called spring?” ~ FR



“Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons…fall colors, cooler temperatures, cozy sweaters, soups and my favorite food…stew.” ~MAM   

autumn dish

“My favorite season is summer as I love to spend time by the lake soaking up the sun.” ~ DB  


“My favourite season is the fall. I love the colours of the leaves and the blue of the sky.” ~ SL 

blue sky

“My favorite season is summer because I don’t have to worry about the temperature as much.” ~ MP


“I think that of all the seasons, autumn is my favorite. On bright days, late in the afternoon, I love the way the sun filters through any leaves which remain on the trees, giving my small bit of the world a warm golden orange and red glow.” ~ CN

orange glow leaves

“My favorite season is summer because as a teacher, I have a long vacation.” ~ AJ


“My favorite season is spring because my birthday is just before the start of spring. The flowers come in spring.” ~EW

birthday cake

“My favorite season is summer. I go to the pool. I have fun with my family.” ~DH


“Even though I love the fall colors, my favorite season is spring. I just love the brighter days and warmer weather after a long Montreal winter!” ~ JRS

bright sky

“My favorite season is summer. The start of summer signals long, warm days ahead and lots of time outside. Late summer has less heat waves and is more pleasant, but it does signal the coming of colder weather which I don’t like!” ~ LB

ice tea

“I love our variety of seasons, but nothing can beat a beautiful fall day. Going for a walk in a park or forest with the changing colours of the trees, eating a crisp apple, is tough to beat!” ~ SM

park bench

“I love the fall. The leaves are so colourful and the air is cool. Time for soup and apple pie.” ~ LC

apple pie

“I like spring because it is not too hot and not too cold. Life is rejuvenating during the spring season. The snow is melting, the roads and paths are drying up, the sun is starting to shine, the days are getting longer, the trees are blossoming, the plants are budding and there is life all around us.” ~ CP


And finally….


“I love all seasons. I have no favourite. We are fortunate to have four very distinct seasons each of which provides much pleasure!” ~ BR


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