Our News September 2021

Every year LU staff, tutors and learners contribute to our in-house publication, Our News. This year we asked everyone “what did you love about the summer?” .

Here’s what they said!

What we loved about summer!

“With the easing of Covid restrictions, it was wonderful to be able to participate in outdoor fitness and Zumba classes at the Y and to be able to be with people again. That combined with a five day getaway to Magog made it a perfect summer.” ~ SB

“I enjoyed making my first vegetable garden. The kale and tomatoes are still growing.” ~ AJ

“I loved swimming in the sea.” ~ SL

“I really did not enjoy the summer very much. It was too hot to go for walks. But I did appreciate my learning.” ~ CP

“In the summer I went to see my friends. I also went to Ontario to see my cousins with my sister and brother-in-law. I got sick when I got back from Ontario, it was a sad day. I got tested and it was negative. I was so excited to hear from the doctors. I also went to the  movies where you had to show your ID and code. I practised driving with my brother-in-law. That was fun.” ~ HS


“I like the weather in summer. It is neither cold nor hot. If it were not for the Covid-19, I could travel everywhere. In the summer you can also plant a variety of beautiful flowers and grow some of your own favourite vegetables and enjoy the harvest. Of all the four seasons, I like summer best.” ~ LHZ

“This summer I ate a delicious cone filled with soft blueberry ice cream. It was covered with dark chocolate made by the Trappist Monks in the Lac St. Jean region.  Amazing!” ~ SM   

“I enjoyed spending more time with my kids. I really liked my family trip to the Old Port.” ~ SLF  

“I love the flowers of summer. I enjoy going for walks and seeing the pops of colour. They brighten my day.” ~ SG 

“The thing I loved most about the summer was exploring my new neighbourhood on the West Island!  I found some lovely paths and I rediscovered how much I enjoy just getting outside and going for a walk.” ~ JRS

“This summer, I walked more than any summer. I saw different flowers from garden to garden.” ~ EW

“I loved the beautiful weather we had that allowed us to spend most of the summer outdoors.” ~ DB

“What I loved so much about this summer was being near the St. Lawrence River and  watching the beluga whales frolicking in front of me. A beautiful and inspiring sight.” ~ CN

“What I loved most about summer was having some time off work to spend with my family. This summer I visited Quebec City and it was really nice.” ~ TJ

“Summer, to me, means freedom.  Free to step outside without a jacket or boots. Free to sit in the garden and sip a tea. Free to go for walks any time of day and usually have sunshine. I find life is more relaxed in the summer!” ~ DD

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