To apply for Canadian Citizenship, each applicant must satisfy the eligibility and language proficiency requirements. The applicant must then pass the Canadian Citizenship Test. You can use the resources on this page to prepare for some of the requirements of Canadian Citizenship.

Please note, you should always refer to The Government of Canada guidelines on their website to check for the latest on Canadian Citizenship procedures, eligibility and requirements. Some information on this page may change.

  • Canadian Citizenship Made Easy

    Canadian Citizenship Made Easy Study Guide

    Level 2 - Early to intermediate reader

    Drew Smith’s Canadian Citizenship Study Guide is written in simple English and a great place to start. A copy of this resource with the accompanying workbook is available in the LU library.

  • Canadian Provinces and Territories App

    Canadian Provinces and Territories App

    Level 2 - Early to intermediate reader

    For learners working towards the Citizenship Test or with an interest in learning more about Canada, this App has quizzes covering 8 topics about Canada’s provinces and territories: Locations on a map; Capital cities; Most populous cities; Flag; Shields; Official birds; Official flowers; Postal abbreviations.

    Only Available for Android from The CPT App from Google Play

    Touch screen interactive

    Google Play Store

  • CELPIP English Language Proficiency

    Online Resource CELPIP

    Level 2 - Early to intermediate reader

    CELPIP offer a variety of free resources to help with preparation for the English Language Proficiency Test including guidebooks, online webinars, online practice tests and blog posts. Additionally, guides (The CELPIP Study Guide) are available for purchase.



    Part of the West-Island community since 1993, CIMOI is a partner with many Quebec institutions, organizations and employers. CIMOI assists people arriving in Quebec.

    They provide support to settle in Quebec, learn French, get a job, and find the services you need in the community. CIMOI offers many French courses, online and in person, individual or in groups.

    To find out more, email them at or visit their website:

    Or visit one of their three offices in the West Island

    CIMOI Pierrefonds
    15650, boul. Pierrefonds – Pierrefonds, H9H 4K3 – ​Tel: 514 305-1616

    CIMOI Alexander
    4734, rue Alexander – Pierrefonds, H8Y 2B1 – Tel: 514 685-3000

    CIMOI Dorval
    1425, route Transcanadienne – Dorval, H9P 2W9 – Tel: 514 305-1414



    COMQUAT is an independent community organization specializing in literacy for people experiencing difficulties mastering written language.

    The organization’s main goals are:

    • Offering training specific to those wanting to competently communicate via written language (reading, writing, computation);
    • Promoting self-knowledge and autonomy among our learners;
    • Fostering literacy awareness among the general population as well as our partners;
    • Defending the rights of the illiterate;
    • Personalized Approach.

    To find out more, email them at or visit their website:

    Or visit their office in Île-Perrot

    25 boul Don Quichotte, Île-Perrot, Qc, J7V 7X4 – ​Tel: (514) 453-3632

  • Dartmouth Learning Network – Moving On Up

    Online Resource Dartmouth Learning Network – Moving On Up

    Level 2 - Early to intermediate reader

    A course consisting of 4 modules (Geography, Government, History and Lifestyle) that cover basic communications topics like reading comprehension, grammar and vocabulary. Lessons in each module contain stories written by adult learners in Nova Scotia.

    Learners navigate through the modules via a series of slides that have interactive capabilities. Learners can click on tabs, drag and drop words, click boxes in quizzes and type into boxes.

    Touch screen interactive

  • Government of Canada – Discover Canada

    Online Resource Discover Canada – The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship

    The only official study guide for the citizenship test is called Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship. It is available free from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The Discover Canada study guide can, for some learners, be daunting and very hard to work through. The site provides an audio version and some videos that may support learners as they begin to look at the subject matter.

  • LU Tutor Tip Sheet – Working Towards Canadian Citizenship

    LU Tutor Tip Sheet – Working Towards Canadian Citizenship

    This short PDF was written by an LU tutor. It gives a brief overview of the language requirements for learners applying for Canadian Citizenship. The tutor recommends resources that you can use with a learner in preparation for the citizenship test. Those resources are also listed below.

    Open the PDF Tutor Tip Sheet – Working Towards Canadian Citizenship

  • Richmond Public Library Citizenship Quiz

    Online Resource Richmond Public Library – Online Citizenship Quiz

    Level 2 - Early to intermediate reader

    Richmond Public Library created this practice test to help you prepare for the Canadian Citizenship Test. The practice test consists of over 100 multiple choice questions derived from the book Discover Canada, on which the test is based.

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