Getting a Driver’s License

Passing the Driving Test and getting your driving license is a goal for many people. The resources in this section can be used to explore the requirements for the driving test and practice some questions.

  • Driving Course

    The Driving Course – Tutor Notes

    In Quebec, you must register with a driving school and complete a driving course. The course has a minimum duration of 39 hours:

    •     A 24-hour theory in12 modules (2 hours per module)
    •     A 15-hour practical component (55-minute in-car sessions with an instructor)

    To find out the requirements and what to expect from a driving course, go to:

    You can also check out some example Driver Manuals in the LU Library

  • Knowledge Test

    The Knowledge Test – Tutor Notes

    After you finish the driving course and before you take the Road Test, you must pass the Knowledge Test. To find out more about the Knowledge Test, what to expect, how much it costs, and how to schedule the test, go to:

    On average, the test takes around 30 minutes but there is no time limit. You can take as long as you need. The test is taken on a computer at an SAAQ centre. You will have a headset. Instructions are displayed on the screen and read out loud. You can select the language you wish to take the test in (French or English).

    Questions are multiple choice. Each question and all answers are displayed on the screen and read out loud. You can click on any text at any time to hear the question or answer read out again.

    When you are ready, you select the answer from the list available. You will then click a button to confirm your answer. Once you confirm your answer, you can not change it.

    In November of 2023, the Knowledge Test consisted of three parts:

    • Part 1: 9 questions (you need to get a minimum of 7 correct to pass)
    • Part 2: 9 questions (you need to get a minimum of 7 correct to pass)
    • Part 3: 12 questions (you need to get a minimum of 9 correct to pass)

    Once you have passed a single part, you do not need to retake it. You need to pass all parts to pass the Knowledge Test.

    When you PASS, you will see a message saying ‘congratulations’.

    If you do not pass, you must wait at least 28 days before you can retake the knowledge test. You will have to schedule another appointment.

    See this page for other resources you can use to practice the Knowledge Test questions.

  • SAAQ – Self Study Online Driving Course

    Online Resource SAAQ – Self Study Online Driving Course

    Level 2 - Early to intermediate reader

    This online course is divided into 12 modules, all of which include a classroom learning section and a self-study section, composed of readings and exercises, to be completed at home. There are instructions for self-study in each of the modules. These will help your learner to pass the knowledge part of the driving exam.

  • SAAQ Knowledge Test 2020

    SAAQ Knowledge Test 2020

    Level 2 - Early to intermediate reader

    The App gives a practice test that contains 64 multiple-choice questions randomly chosen from a database of 384 questions. Use the App to practice questions and help you to pass the SAAQ Knowledge Test Easily.

    Here’s a link to this App on Google Play Store

    Touch screen interactive

    Google Play Store

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