Healthy Living

Resources in this section have been organized into the following categories:

Health Literacy

Food and Nutrition

  • Bread Basket – Healthy Eating

    Online Resource Bread Basket – Healthy Eating Resources

    Level 2 - Early to intermediate reader

    The Bread Basket (West Island community group) have posted a collection of information videos related to healthy eating and nutrition.


  • Canada Food Guide

    Online Resource Canada Food Guide

    Level 2 - Early to intermediate reader

    The Government of Canada’s online food guide. The website provides basic information about choosing a balanced diet. There are tips and guidance together with a collection of recipes based on the guides recommendations.


  • West Island Food Literacy Toolbox

    Online Resource TQSOI Food Literacy Toolbox

    Level 2 - Early to intermediate reader

    The Tableau Quartier Sud de l’Ouest de l’Ile (TQSOI) has created 5 tools to enable members of the community to better understand local resources, food insecurity issues and the structure of the food system in the West Island. The tool kit includes: a Food Resource Directory, Film ‘Hidden Hunger’, A Guide to Balanced Eating, Links to a Collection of Food Literacy Workshops, A Diagnostic of the West Island Food System.


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