Numeracy is being able to use numbers to help with daily tasks and solve problems in everyday life. Everyday we need numeracy skills in the grocery store to add up our bill, read time-tables, follow recipes, play sport, read articles in the newspaper, follow instructions on our medications, and so much more. Being numerate requires us to know some math.

The following resources are designed for people who would like to improve their numeracy skills and learn the basic math they need for everyday life.

  • ABC Life Literacy – Everyday Numbers

    Online Resource ABC Life Literacy – Everyday Numbers

    Level 2 - Early to intermediate reader

    ABC Life Literacy Canada has developed a program for adult literacy practitioners who are teaching math skills and may not be trained foundational math instructors.

  • Dartmouth Learning Network Moving On Up – Basic Maths Skills

    Online Resource Dartmouth Learning Network Moving On Up – Basic Maths Skills Courses

    Level 2 - Early to intermediate reader

    Interactive Basic Math modules that include: Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, Managing Money, Banking Transactions, Measurement, Area & Perimeter, Data & Statistics, Probability. Learners navigate through the modules via a series of slides that have interactive capabilities. Learners can click on tabs, drag and drop words, click boxes in quizzes and type into boxes.

    There is also a GED math course with similar style modules on this site for learners seeking to work on more advanced math skills. Topics include whole numbers and integers, graphs and tables, fractions, decimals and operations, percentages, ratio and proportion, solving equations, data analysis and probability, measurement and geometry, algebra, coordinates and functions.

    For the Basic Math course, go to

    For the GED Math course, go to

  • GCF Global – Basic Maths Skills Tutorials

    Online Resource GCF Global – Basic Maths Skills – Tutorials

    Level 2 - Early to intermediate reader

    GCF Global is a non-profit that provides a huge number of different free tutorials. This series of tutorials is designed for people wanting to improve their math skills. Topics range from basic to school-level math and include addition & subtraction, multiplication & division, decimals, percentages, fractions. The content of each tutorial is clearly laid out with nice graphics and videos.

    The course features a set of interactive steps. Participants can take a short quiz at the end of each tutorial to test their skills. A great way to improve your math knowledge and numeracy skills. Learners can use the resource to work independently or with a tutor.

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