Online Resource Sync Sisters YouTube Channel

Level 2 - Early to intermediate reader

This YouTube channel hosts a large collection of tutorials focused on Apple devices (Mac, iPad, iPhone, iWatch) and popular applications (Google, email, messaging, photos, contacts).

Tutorials, termed “Tech Bits”, are narrated by the sisters Barbara and Karen. Each tutorial gives demonstrations. The presentation is upbeat, conversational, clear, well-structured and moderately paced. Tutorials last, on average, 8 – 10 minutes with some stretching to 15 – 30 minutes. Each tutorial has been made in the last 2 – 5 years, so while most is relevant, some features of the technology may have changed.

Our info sheet lists some of the tutorials that seem most relevant to tutors and learners working remotely. To see a complete list of their tutorials, you can click on the link, below, and go to their YouTube channel.

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