Building Vocabulary and Spelling Skills

Vocabulary and Spelling Skills For many adult literacy learners, building a bank of vocabulary is necessary before they embark on a writing activity. But what are some effective strategies for building vocabulary? And how can you help an adult learner develop the spelling skills they need? Building vocabulary Some great strategies to use in your tutoring sessions include: draw mind maps – use mind maps to generate and expand vocabulary on different topics read model texts – read a text on the topic your learner wants to write about. Ask them to highlight the vocabulary they would like to use […]

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Multisensory Tools – Mini Whiteboards

Mini Whiteboards Mini whiteboards are great for: Here are some ideas for activities to do with your mini whiteboard. Click on the tabs to see activities in each category. Where to find mini whiteboards To use a whiteboard in your session, you will need some dry erase markers and a small whiteboard. These are easy to find and relatively inexpensive: Other Tools for Multisensory Learning Sessions Here are our top tools for Multisensory learning sessions with your learners:

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