Writing Prompts and Excercises

International Women’s Day

March 8th is International Women’s Day In Canada, this year’s theme is Choose to Challenge. The International’s women’s day page is a great place to start a session. Here you can find out more about the theme and what it means. You will also be encouraged to strike a pose – and accept the challenge. Here’s a video you’ll find on the webpage. An energizing way to begin thinking about the topic and start a discussion with an adult learner. Why not follow up this video with a reading activity! News for You has an interesting article about how children […]

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Pre-writing Activities

Pre-writing Activities It is always a good idea to begin a writing activity by introducing the activity and reflecting on the topic you will write about. Here are some activities to do with your learner before they start writing a text. Talk about the writing process Talk about how they feel about writing Read and analyze a model text – you can find some on the Reading Resources page Watch a video on the topic and talk about it Talk about a picture on the topic – a writing prompt is a great way to start Brainstorm some ideas –

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