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What to do in the great outdoors in January in Quebec

We build a backyard skating rink and play Canada’s favourite pastime!

~ Ingrid, LU staff

I like going for walks with my daughter downtown–and if it gets too cold, we just stop in and browse at one of the boutiques!

~ Jan, LU tutor

Last Sunday afternoon I went for a walk in a neighbourhood I did not really know – Villeray. We explored Jarry Park and wandered the streets admiring the older homes that have such character. It was a really nice way to pass a winter afternoon.

Catherine, LU tutor

I Nordic walk 3 times/week with a friend at Centennial Park in DDO – keeps me fit and pushes me out the door in winter, which admittedly, is NOT my favourite season! If you’re looking for a lovely park to enjoy, I recommend this one – walking, skating, and sledding.

~ Carolyn, LU tutor

When it is really cold outside, I put on a lot of layers of clothing. It then is hard for me to put on my boots. Then I go for a walk and I start sweating because I am too hot.

Carmelino, LU member

I go walking on the frozen river and look at the ice fishers ~ it’s crazy!

Stephanie, LU staff

Other LU Comments and Thoughts

I am happy to be fully vaccinated. I am proud to be volunteering at the vaccination clinic in the hospital.

~Julianne, LU member, May 2021

Just used one of the resources you mentioned in the Spring Newsletter
~ Learnhip. We love the Scrambled Sentence Maker.


~ Sue, LU tutor,
April 2021

The resource hub is great. I am able to find all the relevant teaching materials here. Thank you so much for putting it together.

~ Deeksha, LU tutor
March 2021

Literacy Empowers!

~ Sarah, LU, March 2021

Thank you very much for your support and valuable resources.

~ LU tutor, Feb 2021

Spring is in the air folks!

~ Donna, L
U tutor, April 2021

Thank you for all your efforts to find me a tutor and your nice support

~ LU learner, Feb 2021

Great course. Very happy to be part of the LU tutor team!

~ New volunteer, Nov 2020

Thank you for all your contributions to Write On 2021. Keep them coming!

~ Stephanie, LU
, Feb 2021

Thank you for keeping us going and giving support to each other. I hope one day we will see each other again ~
as long as we keep on going!

~ Julianne, LU learner, April 2021

I’m really enjoying visiting your sessions and seeing all the great work you’re doing!

~ Stephanie, LU
, March 2021

Really appreciate the tutors and tea sessions. Great opportunity for new ideas and a chance to chat.

LU tutor, March 2021

Such a clear and well designed website. So easy to use!

~ Friend of LU, Feb 2021

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