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Every month, LU members can post a message on our message board. This month it’s nearly summer and we asked our members to tell us about something they think others should READ, LISTEN TO, and LEARN.

Check out their recommendations below:

Read, Listen to, and Learn

Left Neglected
by Lisa Genova

A fascinating read about a young woman who has a rare brain condition called “left neglect” after a car accident. After her accident she realizes that she has neglected aspects of her life and gains a new perspective.

~ Heather M

Reading in the Brain
by Stanislas Dehaene

Or Listen to Stanislas on YouTube

Fascinating and informative book about the science of how we learn to read. (Copy in LU library)

~ Stephanie

Apple Podcast
The Fight Over Phonics
The Daily

An intriguing probe into the policy of de-emphasising phonics in the teaching of reading in US primary schools 50 years ago. And how this policy failed so many young learners.

~ Jack z

What do you suggest we


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Peace by Chocolate
Watch the Movie
Read the Book

Uplifting true story of courage and ingenuity.

~ Evonne

Little Bird
Limited TV Series

Find out more on CBC.

Drama about an Indigenous woman on a journey to find her birth family and uncover the hidden truth of her past.

~ Stephanie

A Love Poem

by LU members

I love chocolate,

and the colour red,

I love baths,

and to stay in bed!

I love songs,

and films and books,

I love tea,

and the way snow looks.

I love to paint,

and maple toffee,

I love watching Netflix,

with a big mug of coffee.

I love New York,

and Paris and Rome.

I love lying on a beach,

And then coming home.

Books, Movies, Music we love

Cloud Cuckoo Land
by Anthony Doerr

by Harry Styles


~ Stephanie

I Got You
By Lydia Persaud

French Braid
by Anne Tyler


The Home for Unwanted Girls
by Joanna Goodman

by Fleetwood Mac



~ Ingrid

by Lee Min-Jin

King Richard

I Feel Good by Pitbull

Have a great summer everyone!
~ Donna

What our learners say about their tutors!

My tutor is wonderful. Our sessions bring me JOY.


My tutor is KIND and patient and I learn so much from her approach.


Our sessions are GOOD. I have seen lots of improvements. Thanks to my tutor.

~ H

My tutor is LOVELY. She is the best. I appreciate our sessions so much.


My tutor is really FUN to talk to. I have improved a lot this year!

~ M

My tutor is the BEST teacher I ever had. We have such a laugh.

~ Justin

I really enjoy meeting my tutor each week. I am HAPPY when we work together.

~ Satha

I really look forward to our sessions each week. I know I will learn something NEW.

~ E

My tutor is the most AMAZING teacher I ever had. I am so blessed she is there for me.


My tutor understands my abilities and knows very well how to develop them. She is so SUPPORTIVE. Thank you.

~ Suzi

Thank you for being THERE FOR ME during all these crazy adventures and helping me achieve my goals. I am looking forward to working with you more – and achieving many more goals!

~ T

Signs and Sounds of Spring

Geese honking and cackling as they fly north!!

Debora, LU

Daffodils in a pot!

~ Stephanie, LU

The start of new life!

~ E
vonne, Learner

Opening windows for fresh air and hearing birdsong.

~ Amél
ie, LU Tutor

The weather gets warmer!
And tulips in my friend’s garden.

~ D
iana, LU Learner

Blossom, buds and blue sky.
Daylight at 6pm!

~ Sarah, Friend of LU

What to do in Winter

What I like about outdoor activity is going skating at the Old Port of Montreal with my boyfriend. Even though winter is not my favourite season, I enjoyed going to the winter illumi light show festival. We can just walk around to see beautiful colours. It’s good to get some fresh air and drink. warm hot chocolate. It’s a beautiful winter wonderland.

~ Julianne, LU member

I like going for walks with my daughter downtown–and if it gets too cold, we just stop in and browse at one of the boutiques!

~ Jan, LU tutor

Last Sunday afternoon I went for a walk in a neighbourhood I did not really know – Villeray. We explored Jarry Park and wandered the streets admiring the older homes that have such character. It was a really nice way to pass a winter afternoon.

Catherine, LU tutor

We build a backyard skating rink and play Canada’s favourite pastime!

~ Ingrid, LU staff

When the sun comes out after a fresh snowfall, I like to dress warm and head outside to walk through the freshly fallen snow.

Debora, LU staff

I Nordic walk 3 times/week with a friend at Centennial Park in DDO – keeps me fit and pushes me out the door in winter, which admittedly, is NOT my favourite season! If you’re looking for a lovely park to enjoy, I recommend this one – walking, skating, and sledding.

~ Carolyn, LU tutor

When it is really cold outside, I put on a lot of layers of clothing. It then is hard for me to put on my boots. Then I go for a walk and I start sweating because I am too hot.

Carmelino, LU member

I go walking on the frozen river and look at the ice fishers ~ it’s crazy!

~ Stephanie, LU staff

Our Messages

I am happy to be fully vaccinated. I am proud to be volunteering at the vaccination clinic in the hospital.

~Julianne, LU member, May 2021

Just used one of the resources you mentioned in the Spring Newsletter
~ Learnhip. We love the Scrambled Sentence Maker.


~ Sue, LU tutor,
April 2021

The resource hub is great. I am able to find all the relevant teaching materials here. Thank you so much for putting it together.

~ Deeksha, LU tutor
March 2021

Literacy Empowers!

~ Sarah, LU, March 2021

Thank you very much for your support and valuable resources.

~ LU tutor, Feb 2021

Spring is in the air folks!

~ Donna, L
U tutor, April 2021

Thank you for all your efforts to find me a tutor and your nice support

~ LU learner, Feb 2021

Great course. Very happy to be part of the LU tutor team!

~ New volunteer, Nov 2020

Thank you for all your contributions to Write On 2021. Keep them coming!

~ Stephanie, LU
, Feb 2021

Thank you for keeping us going and giving support to each other. I hope one day we will see each other again ~
as long as we keep on going!

~ Julianne, LU learner, April 2021

I’m really enjoying visiting your sessions and seeing all the great work you’re doing!

~ Stephanie, LU
, March 2021

Really appreciate the tutors and tea sessions. Great opportunity for new ideas and a chance to chat.

LU tutor, March 2021

Such a clear and well designed website. So easy to use!

~ Friend of LU, Feb 2021

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