Teaching Literacy Skills

This section provides links to resources for tutors interested in tutoring learners with low literacy skills.

Resources in this section are primarily Tutor Guides developed by LU and other literacy organizations. They provide information for tutors looking for activities and strategies for to use in their tutoring sessions.

  • Education and Training Foundation Phonics Toolkit

    Education and Training Foundation: Post-16 Phonics Approaches: A Toolkit

    The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) is the workforce development body for the Further Education and Training sector in the UK. They work in partnership with others to deliver professional learning and development for teachers, trainers and leaders to improve education and training for learners aged 14 and over.


    This phonics toolkit is intended to support practitioners wishing to use phonics approaches with adult learners. The toolkit introduces terms used in phonics, the kinds of approaches to take in teaching phonics with adults with sequence, content and lesson ideas for teaching phonics. It provides practical ways to help adult learners unlock the keys to phonics for decoding words (reading) and encoding language (writing).

    This link opens the PDF of the Toolkit

  • Frontier College Tutor’s Guide

    A Frontiers College Tutor’s Guide: Working With Adults

    Frontier College

    Frontier College has been tutoring people for over 100 years. This Tutor’s Guide presents information to tutors based on these many years of experience. It is designed for tutors who are helping adults improve their skills in reading, writing, and using numbers. It provides tutors with ideas, tools and additional resources as they work with a learner to improve his or her skills. Section 2 of the Guide presents detailed strategies and activities that the tutor may follow while working with a student at both the beginner and intermediate levels.

    This link opens the PDF of the Frontier College Tutor’s Guide: Working With Adults

  • LU Literacy Tutor Information Guide

    The LU Literacy Tutor Information Guide

    The Introduction and Welcome to LU Guide for Tutors is a short introductory guide to LU tutors volunteering in our one-on-one program. The guide provides an introduction to adult learners at LU and outlines the roles and responsibilities of the tutor.

    Please note, all LU tutors receive a copy of the Alberta Family Literacy Centre’s Tutors Guide during training. This Guide provides a wealth of tips and ideas for literacy tutors. There are copies of this guide book in our library. LU Tutors can also request a copy through the LU office.

  • Partners in Reading

    Partners in Reading – San Jose Public Library

    Partners in Reading have developed a large collection of videos that demonstrate good practice in 1-on-1 literacy tutoring. In each short video (hosted on YouTube) a tutor works with a learner giving step by step guidance for a single tutoring/learning technique. Click the link to the Partners in Reading library of YouTube videos.

    Click here for an Information Sheet for the Partners in Reading YouTube Videos for Tutors

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