LU Tutors Guide to Remote Learning

This manual was developed in response to feedback from LU tutors and learners gathered through a survey in the summer of 2020. We gathered best practices, tapped our own experience and learned a few new things along the way to bring you what we hope is a comprehensive guide to tutoring remotely.

Our goal is to give you the guidance and resources that will make remote tutoring smoother and easier, enjoyable and effective.

Some of you may be using a telephone to tutor remotely. Others may be tutoring via smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer. Regardless of which device you are using, we have suggestions for making your sessions rich, engaging and fun.

The manual will walk you through the process of planning for remote tutoring with information, practical tips and guidance in sections:


Section 1: Introduction to remote tutoring
Section 2: Safety in a remote learning environment
Section 3: Getting started with remote tutoring
Section 4: Planning your remote tutoring session
Section 5: Finding materials
Section 6: Activity suggestions for remote learning
Section 7: Creating a positive learning environment at a distance
Section 8: Transitioning to blended learning

Optional worksheets

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