What are Goals

For many people, setting goals can be a daunting task. Understanding what goals are and how they can help us move forward towards our dreams, can help start the process off.

So what are goals?

  • Watch this video. Make a list of the kinds of goals you hear.

Are they goals or dreams? What do you think is the difference?

So what is a goal? How can we describe our goals?

Have you set a goal recently? What did your goal look like?

Think about your goals. Talk about the goals you set. Listen to each other describe your goals.

When you have finished, click on the next tab.

A goal is a future plan. It is organized and focused. Dreams are our wishes and desires of how we want our life to be.

Think about each other’s goals and answer these questions:

  • was the goal clear and specific?
  • was there some way of knowing if the goal was achieved?
  • was the goal attainable?
  • was there a time limit or deadline for achieving the goal?

Is it a dream or a goal, do you think? If you could re-write your goal, what would it be?

One of the children thinks that a person with no goals will just end up sitting on the couch all day watching TV. However, we know that for many adults, the demands of life can often come between them and their goals. Finding time to even think about our future and set goals, is for many a privilege.

To think about why goal setting can be a worthwhile thing to do even when our lives seem too busy or we are not interested in change, click here.

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