Why Do We Hate Writing?

Many people are afraid of writing. But why are we afraid? What is it about writing that bothers us?

  • Writing is DIFFICULT!
  • We often have to write about something we are not very interested in – writing can be boring!
  • Writing requires a lot of skills. We have to be able to spell, use grammar, use punctuation, and structure our text in sentences and paragraphs. Phew!
  • Writing takes time and a lot of thinking.
  • The written word is often permanent. It can be shared and read by other people.
  • Writing has many forms – we can be tasked with creative writing, letters, poems, instructions, description. Different forms of writing have different rules.
  • When you write, what you think or say often ‘sounds’ different to how you imagine.
  • Writing is DIFFICULT!

In this video, different people talk about how they feel about writing. Do any of these people sound familiar to you?

So why write? Why overcome our fears? Why take time to put our thoughts on paper?

  • Writing INSPIRES
  • Writing OPENS DOORS
  • Writing is NECESSARY
  • Writing can be FUN

During our daily life, we all have to write from time to time. It is not always fun or enjoyable. Sometimes it’s just necessary.

But, if you want to experience the joy of writing – here are some suggestions:

  • Write about something that interests you.
  • Write about something that is important to you.
  • Write for yourself or choose your audience.
  • Write when you want to write and not when have to.

For LU Tutors, Proliteracy’s Basic Tutor Training course has a great module on Writing (module 10).

Log in to Proliteracy and search for the Basic Training Module. If you’re not sure how to log in to Proliteracy, contact the LU Program Director.

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