Winter Holidays

December is the start of winter. It’s a month of holiday celebrations and, in normal times, family gatherings. This year will be a little different. But nothing will stop the snow falling in Quebec. So, get out your winter clothes and prepare to start those winter activities.

But if you are choosing to stay inside and keep warm, here are some great resources for you to try.

Word Puzzle

Download this fun winter word puzzle. Solve the puzzle and practice some common words we use at this time of year.

Holiday Recipes

Here are some holiday recipes that you can try:

Holiday Money Management

ABC Life Literacy is holding a free webinar.

Money Matters: Get your finances in order for the holidays & start the New Year right!

  • What is it: This webinar is aimed at learners who are interested in learning more about how to better manage their money over the holidays. A TD bank volunteer will also be joining the webinar, giving learners a chance to ask any financial questions that they may have. 
  • Date: Thursday, December 10th at 1:00pm EST 
  • Register here (ENG)
  • Register here (FR)

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