For so many of our learners, sharing stories that are important to them is difficult. And yet, these stories matter. Tutors can help. Helping someone write is a wonderful way to make their stories visible to others.

Last year, in Write On 2023, LU learners filled the pages with their thoughts on who and what matter to them. Flip through the pages and get to know more about who are learners are in Write On 2023:

Write On 2024 – Success Stories

This year, we we are asking for Success Stories from our learners.

LU invites all learners to write a short text telling us about something they, or someone important to them, achieved this year. It can be a small success or a big success. Whatever the success, we would love to hear.

If you would like to help your learner write a story for Write On 2024, why not follow this step-by-step approach. Set aside 30 minutes in the next three tutoring sessions.

Step 1: Setting the Scene (30 minutes)

  • Start by talking – explain what the goal is and ask what they would like to share.
  • Spend some time asking questions, sharing answers, listening to each other – on the theme ‘success stories’.
  • Use a whiteboard or sticky notes to jot down words and ideas as they arise – take a photo to refer to later.
  • Create flashcards with vocabulary you encounter as your talk.

Step 2: Putting Pen to Paper (30 minutes)

  • Review the words and ideas from your previous session. Remind yourselves what you were talking about!
  • Ask your learner to tell you what they would most like to write about.
  • Ask your learner to tell their story.
  • Write down their words on a large piece of paper as they talk. Write separate ideas on separate lines.
  • Read their words back to them, pointing at the lines as your read. Then, ask them to read it out. What do they think?

Step 3: Creating a Story (30 minutes)

  • Read out the text from the previous session.
  • Cut up the large text into separate ideas.
  • Read each idea and ask your learner to order them. Talk about each idea as you sort them.
  • Add strips of paper as they start to explain ideas more.
  • When you’re finished, ask your learner to read the text again and copy the text themselves.
  • Read the text back. Make edits or corrections with your learner.
  • Talk about a title – show titles of other texts for ideas (for inspiration, old editions of Write On are available on the Resource Hub).

Step 4: Finishing Touches (optional)

Find a picture (their own) or one on the internet that they would like to go with the story

Send Us Your Success Story

Take a photo of the text. Send the photo and a picture (if your learner chose one) to Debora (

If you have any questions, reach out to Stephanie. She’s happy to help or talk through ideas.

You will also find more tips on writing in our blog, Taking on the Writing Challenge.

Here are some previous editions of Write On, for inspiration:

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